My daily pipe smoking kit.


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Below is what I carry as a smoker and why?

I am a UK based 51 year old car mechanic who owns two repair workshops, I migrate between them both several times a day.  In cars, sometimes on a motorbike.  I always carry a bag with me.  Containing my packed lunch, money and keys.


My smoking kit: 50 gram tobbaco tin, two pipe cases and my tool pouch.


Open tool pouch with contents:  Pipe cleaners is tube, Nalgene 15ml bottle with Vodka in it, Rodgers smokers knife, Brebbi tamper, two lighters, spare petrol canister, Dunhill adjustable pipe reamer, stem reamer with spares stored inside.  Plus a pair of tweezers as I have - dead hands - white knuckle from air impact tools and struggle with flint changes on lighters.


My lighters.  Gas Peterson. Petrol Nimrod Falcon.  Zippo fuel canister.  I prefer a gas lighter.  Why then carry a petrol?  Why two lighters?  Gas pipe lighter's don't seem to have a contents level sight on them.  And if I could find one - with a sight - I can't fit a gas filling aerosol into my pipe tool kit.  So with spare petrol lighter and fluid.  I always have a light when I run out of gas.  I meter the petrol into the Nimrod a bit at a time from the sealed Zippo canister, so I don't waste my precious reserve fuel though evaporation - I have even used a bit of the cleaning Vodka when I have been really desparate for a flame.  The Peterson is far better than the expensive Corona Old Boy I used to have and about a third of the price.  It holds more gas as it does not have any lost space for "pipe tools".  I don't like pipe lighters with tools, I prefer a separate tamper.  The Nimrod is just so much better made and sealed than a Zippo lighter.


Pipe stem reamer with 3mm and 1/8 drills, spare flints in 2.5mm unshrunk heat shrink tubing (only heated at extreme ends of tubing to hold the flints in) and spare petrol wick all stored in handle.  This is not a purpose made stem reamer, it is a cheap collet drill holder from China with two long drills I have found and cut to fit the inside storage space.  The lighter wick - is to dip into the vodka then hold up to a flint spark on an empty lighter.  Alcohol does not seem to work in a Zippo type lighter - but ignites a treat on a wick folded into two.

Pipe cleaners.  All tapered, both soft and bristled.   Stored in German ABS cigar tube.


Manx Meerschaum poker pipe - its is a sitter and it is my favorite.  Comoys pipe zipped pipe glove.


This is how I store them to dry when I am on the move.

No 2 pipe:  Manx Meerschaum with Comoys pipe glove.  I use this when I have really dirty oily hands.  It is blasted and does not absorb the grease or discolour.  It is a semi bent - sort of apple style pipe.  It is less fragile than the other pipe I carry - so I use this one when I walking about - hold in my mouth with no hands - it has withstood loads of drops onto concrete floors!  The poker I use when sitting - drinking tea.

Tool case is an old zipped glasses case and it has lasted me over twenty years.

To conclude:  As you can see I have two of everything.  I can just about can go a week without having to stock up on lighter gas, petrol and pipe cleaners.  I have enough kit with me, to maintain and clean my pipes.

The two Laxey Manx Meerschaum pipes I use daily are made from Tanganyika Meerschaum mined in the Amboseli basin in Tanzania.  They are oil baked and hardened.  They are so much stronger than beeswax treated fragile Meerschaum offerings from Turkey. 

A Meerschaum pipe is so much more suited for portablity than a briar pipe.  Mainly because they dry so quickly - one little swab out with a pipe cleaner dipped in Vodka and you pack them away.  You could get away with just one - keep filling the bowl after the pipe cools down.

A briar pipe needs a cake inside to protect the bowl.  To be honest this cake smells if it is not really dry.  So if you were packing away briar pipes in a bag after use - without letting them dry our propely.  You are gonna get a wet smelly mess in the storage bag.

Like all pipe smokers I have briar pipes laying about drying out - "resting".  At home, in my workshops, in my shed at home.  Everywhere.  But I have only one set of tools to use with them all.

You will also note:  If you are a pipe smoker the only expensive thing in the case is the Dunhill adjustable pipe reamer - which I only use with the briar pipes I leave everywhere, not carry about.  If you are only going to smoke Meers - you don't need the cake build up - so thus you don't need a reamer.

Oh...  Everybody always asks!  What is my favorite tobacco?  The bulk (90%) of what I smoke is Dunhill "Early Morning Pipe".  Some Dunhill "Royal Yacht & Ye Olde Signe".  Plus Davidoff "Danish Mixture", which is what my Father smokes.  So if you know your blends - you will know I like Virginias and Orientals.

I am very interested in the concept of growing tobacco plants in the UK, small Oriental plants.  I am very aware it is legal to grow and ferment tobacco - but tax is due only at the point you cut it to size.  I would be interested in more info on the subject - my email address is at the top of this page.

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