BMW i3 i8 330E ActiveHybrid 3/5 740/745E EME repair and testing.


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We are equipped for the repair and testing of BMW i3 i8 and 330/740/745E EME AC>DC inverter controller units..

These EME units are hard to diagnose in situ , "drive train errors are often attributed to a failed EME" when in fact a simple gearbox position sensor/actuator has failed.

Skem5 logic drive phase - duty cycle/load bench/earth leakage testing at 200 per unit.

Coolant leak down testing plus resealing service.

Repairs from 650 to 1400.


KLE AC/DC converter testing 200 - repairs 525 to 995



Please contact us on 01553 782929 and ask for Peter, Edgar or David - should you require any further info on our repair/testing services.





Shipping weights: 

i3 EME 20kg

740/745 EME 14.5kg



Please remove metal mounting cage before shipping for testing and repair!






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